QSU 25-9: Bisexualty, an umbrella term

This week we’ll be talking about the umbrella term that is bisexuality.

What is bisexuality as an umbrella term? What is biphobia? Are bisexual people really invisible? Can anything be done against patriarchy, heteronormativity and monosexism through bisexuality? Can bisexuality be political and intersectional? These questions and more will come up and be discussed in the upcoming QSU.

The meeting starts at 19:00, where a small introduction to the overall theme to be discussed will occur, then we’ll break into small groups to discuss specific points of interest to each group.

Additionally, this time around we’ll be adding an RSVP: if you’re interested in attending the session, please let us know! We want to keep the space as Covid-Free as possible, and as such the amount of people who can attend the meeting is limited.

For the location of the event, send us an email and we’ll be happy to provide the necessary details.

Please wear/bring your own mask to the event. Hand sanitiser and face masks can be provided. Please wear a face mask during the event. If you have difficulties breathing with a face mask, we will find a solution for you to take part, please reach out via email, diaspora* or personally.

Your aren’t obliged but we ask you to leave your name and your email/phone to be informed if any of the other participants has been infected with covid19. We will keep the notes safe and destroy them after 3 weeks.

***** General Disclaimer *****
We do not tolerate fascists, racism, sexism, and homophobia, transphobia and other discriminatory behaviour. Check your privilege before taking up space!

!! To our non queer participants !!!:

This session will be a discussion by and for queers – meaning that priority will be given to queer people. People who do not identify as queer and who wish to participate nevertheless can send an email beforehand (queerspreekuur [at] riseup.net). We will let you know by Friday 14.00 if the situation allows for your presence or not.